July 2015 International Ebola Recovery Conference                                       Public Sector Pledges,1 Commitments, and Disbursements2

By Recipient

Updated December 4, 2018 

(All Figures USD Millions) 

Recipient  Amount Requested in National Plan Pledges3 Commitments4 Disbursements5 Disbursements as Percentage of Pledges
Guinea $2,577.2 $1,018.44 $404.5 $214.34 21.1%
Liberia $1,257.2 $1,278.09 $863.3 $402.77 31.5%
Sierra Leone $1,283.2 $1,352.9 $521.1 $680.8 50.3%
Mano River Union and Cross Country Programmes $4,000.0 $836.3 $8.7 $32.1 3.8%
UN Funds and Programmes6



 $22.02 79.9%
Recipient Total


$4,513.3 $1,797.6 $1,352.0  30%
1. This analysis is based on data received from the donors between July 2016 and December 2018. When necessary, pledge amounts were converted using UN exchange rates.
2. This table includes all public sector bilateral and multilateral donors that made pledges at the July 2015 International Ebola Recovery Conference in New York. In addition to bilateral and multilateral donors, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation announced a pledge of $13 million at the conference.
3. A pledge is a general promise to provide assistance and is usually made for a particular time frame, though not always.
4. Committed (or obligated) funds are those for which projects have been approved or agreements/contracts have been signed or are in the process of being transferred or disbursed.  Committed funds are exclusive of disbursed funds. 
5. Disbursement is the transfer of funds from a donor to implementing partners (which could be governments, non-governmental organizations, UN entities, or private contractors, among others).
6. The $27.57 million pledged to UN funds and programmes represents contributions announced at the July 2015 International Ebola Recovery Conference only. According to the November 2015 report “Resources for Results V: September 1, 2014 to October 31, 2015,” released by the Office of the United Nations Special Envoy on Ebola, a total of $1,227.95 million was pledged to UN funds and programmes with $1,157.12 million disbursed. Please note that in addition to the figures above, the World Bank disbursed $462.5 million to the governments of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone of which $193.2 million (41.8%) was regranted to the United Nations funds and programmes.